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  • Teste de post 01


    “Sobre a PCD.dataverso, somos mais do que apenas um site. Somos uma plataforma de dados dedicada à população brasileira com deficiência. Em um mundo onde as informações são abundantes, e muitas vezes complexas ou difíceis de entender, a PCD.dataverso assume o compromisso de simplificar essa realidade. Nossa missão é disponibilizar informações precisas, confiáveis e de fácil digestão, trazendo clareza e contribuindo para a compreensão mais profunda e efetiva em relação às questões dessa comunidade.

  • The history of marketing


    The beginnings of digital marketing technology can be traced back to the 1980’s, when computers became sophisticated enough to store huge volumes of customer information. For a brief moment, no one knew what would happen in digital marketing, but by the 90’s it all became clear.

  • Definition of sales


    A person or organization expressing an interest in acquiring the offered item of value is referred to as a potential buyer, prospective customer or prospect. Buying and selling are understood to be two sides of the same “coin” or transaction. Both seller and buyer engage in a process of negotiation to consummate the exchange of values. The exchange, or selling, process has implied rules and identifiable stages.

  • Sales effectiveness

    Sales Tips

    Sales effectiveness refers to the ability of a company’s sales professionals to “win” at each stage of the customer’s buying process, and ultimately earn the business on the right terms and in the right timeframe.

  • Effective upselling techniques

    Sales Tips

    Upselling is a sales technique whereby a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. While it usually involves marketing more profitable services or products, it can be simply exposing the customer to other options that were perhaps not considered.

  • The process for direct sales


    Direct selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location. Peddling is the oldest form of direct selling. Modern direct selling includes sales made through the party plan, one-on-one demonstrations, and other personal contact arrangements as well as internet sales.